On the road of spices

Thai gastronomy is rich and fragrant; it is also very spicy most of the time; it is therefore necessary to specify the degree of spices that you can support the server. On some cards it is indicated with the logo in the shape of a pepper. The specialties are Massaman (chicken and yellow curry potatoes), Tom Kha Gaï (flat pasta and vegetables with shrimp or chicken), half pineapple filled with yellow rice … Seafood dishes are legion: shrimp, large prawns, mantis shrimp, oysters, large mussels, squid, crab, lobster, fish … not to mention the prehistoric horseshoe crab whose eggs are eaten in salads.

For the desserts, taste the “mango and sticky rice”, the green tea ice cream, the chocolate and banana pancakes, the banana fritters, the lace pancakes, the cakes and coconut flans …

On the Night Market you can taste a wide range of desserts prepared in front of you. There is no cheese on the menu of Thai restaurants Exotic fruits will punctuate your meals with their shimmering colors: orange like the mango, fushia like a pittaya, green like the guava, black like the mangosteen, yellow like the pineapple … to discover with delight the endemic fruits like the doukou, the longans , sapodilla, salacca or snake fruit …

If you have the spirit of adventure, go to the markets to discover stalls of grilled and salted insects like crackers: grasshoppers, cockroaches, worms … You must have tasted it to talk about it … Go to the Night Market!

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