A population with centuries-old principles


Thai people are an extremely well-bred and caring population. You will be surprised to see how much the Thais will offer their help to you in any circumstance. Hello, good evening, thank you, so rare now in the West, here is a long-standing tradition. The politeness is very appreciable. Seniors are highly respected here, making Phuket one of the favorite vacation spots for retired off-season couples.

Religion is very present: in all places of worship or in administrative services make sure you are properly dressed: no bare shoulders, indecent cleavage or shorts and skirts that are too short. Thais are sensitive to dress. Always have a stole or sarong with you in your car at hand.

Huge respect is owed to the royal family as a whole and the crime of lese majesty can be severely punished here. It is therefore fashionable not to criticize in any case the devotion of the people for their sovereign which is reflected in particular by multiple representations of the king and the royal couple in the streets and shops.

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